A Zurich-based firm for investments, Ayondo has recently found out in a recent survey that the thing that motivates the UK residents to invest in equities is a flexible lifestyle. The results that were gathered from the survey were published recently and it was found out that the UK residents mainly invest in equities to achieve an alternative source of income thereby providing their work life with enhanced flexibility.

It was also found out that most of the men i.e. approximately 35% of the men invest their money in the excitement that they get from it. Whereas, it is only 18% of the women are driven by the excitement factor to invest. Actually, it was found out that women have logical reasons for investing their money.

Whether it is to have an extra source of income or to earn money without putting any actual effort, these are the main reasons that attract most women for investing their money. On the other hand, only 19% of the men that were surveyed had shown interest in questioning their investment efforts for rational reasons.

The British Investors were questioned during the survey about what they consider as the most crucial reason behind becoming a successful investor. While 30% of the investors attributed the success to having a cool head, 28% of the people argued that it is good timing that brings success and only 13 percent of people said that it is a commitment that makes an investor successful.

After getting the results, the Chief Business Development Officer at Ayondo, Mita Natrajan said;

“We are seeing an increasing number of people look for ways in which they can supplement their income to allow for more flexible working hours and a greater amount of leisure time. One way of making this transition easier is through Social Trading. This allows retail investors to follow Top Traders’ investment moves or signal providers to earn additional income in publishing their trading strategies.”

Conducted in February 2018, the survey was made on 500 adults from the UK who have either invested or traded in the share market. The research house, OnePoll executed the survey to understand the habits of UK investors.

I should say that the motivation is not very different for forex traders. Financial freedom and flexible lifestyle are two major reasons that attract investors to online forex trading.