RoboMarkets is a trusted investment plus brokerage company that runs on CySEC rules and recently, they have revealed to make latest additions to the features of R Trader Platform. As a side note, RoboMarkets is a of brand of RFG Holding which owns another forex brand – RoboForex. Click to see my RoboForex review.

Here are the new features that have been included:

1. Improvements in strategy builder

Now, one has the liberty to compare indicators that have equal parameters on varied bars. You can opt for this amazing feature from the strategy editor.

2. Depth of Market (DoM)

You can track even the minimum changes that occur in price with Level 2 market depth. Thus, the traders have the advantage of having an improved understanding of the current condition of the existing market. If you are planning on entering or existing the long-term strategies, then this tool proves to be a blessing to you.

3. Trailing Stop

With the new features being added to the R-Trader platform, you will now be able to add a trailing stop or a stop order which will be designed to follow the price. This feature will help you to reduce the chance of losses without tampering with profitability. The feature allows you to place a number of pips to place the stop order. Once mentioned the trailing stop will follow the price and once the price reaches the number of pips specified, the trailing stop will be placed automatically.

4. Time & Sales

It is definitely a useful tool not only for the stock investors but also the cryptocurrency investors as it provides you with details direction, the times transactions have been made on the stock or cryptocurrency, the direction and of course the price. So, you will have a full knowledge of the total number of buyers as well as sellers present in the current market. Plus, you also get a clear view of the prices or how large their trading amounts are.

5. Keyboards will help to manage Watchlists

This feature allows you to include unlimited instruments to your Watchlist so that you can keep a check on multiple assets simultaneously.  Hence, no need of wasting time by checking them individually.